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Equipping business owners with the most direct path to remove bottlenecks, provide visibility, and successfully lead their growing organization.

About Us

We are a hands-on Fractional COO/Management company that works with the leader and internally with their employees to synchronize the organizational vision with the day-to-day strategy.


It isn't the leader that makes the organization successful; it is the organization that makes the leader successful. The organization you have or the one that you cultivate determines the type of leader that you become. We help determine the type of leadership necessary to take your organization to the next level and ultimately achieve your goals and bring the vision to reality.

Business Scaling

Most businesses and owners have figured out the right offering and the right audience to sell it to, yet, the biggest problem they face is that their whole operations process and execution revolve around them. This is not a scalable model. We help you to document, delegate, and automate the processes and systems necessary to scale your successful model beyond just you and your time.

Time Management

What got you to six figures will NOT get you to 7 figures. Most business owners continue to try and do MORE when what the organization needs is for them to do less, yet continue to focus time on the most impactful actions. We get into the trenches with you and the executive team to ensure this happens effectively.

Project Management

We help bring visibility to the owner in regard to all the systems and processes that are necessary to fulfill their product or offering. Once these are documented, we help set up effective project management systems so that the owner always has a pulse on not only what ought to get done day in and day out, but also IF it is getting done how they want it done and when the customer wants it done.

Organizational Structure & Roles

By determining the right roles necessary to accomplish the vision, we ensure that you not only have the right people in the right seats, but that you have the roles documented appropriately and your people clearly understand what success looks like in their role.

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Why HP3?

We don't just "teach".  We get into the trenches with you and help build the systems from the ground up.  We also work with the executive team to help own more problems and take more off of your plate. We set up your business to become scalable.


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